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                                          COFFEE SCHOOL
                         Available on October - February
Program   One day    
 8.30-9.00   :   Meet at hotel, and drive to Doi Chang coffee mountain, on the                                 way up to Doi Chang will stop some view point can see beautiful                             mountain views, 
 10.30          :   Arrive at coffee farm then we will walk visit coffee plantation and                           the owner of farm they will explain you and give you information                           all thing about how to grow coffee, how to take care of each step,                           until harvesting coffee beans, you have question we have answer.
 12.00          :   Lunch 
 13.00          :   Lean how to make and make it by yourself.
     -              :   Coffee production process.
 17.00          :   Coffee bean storage.
                     :   Coffee process.
                     :   Coffee bean curing [ Aging ] 
                     :   Coffee roasting.
                     :   Coffee grinding.
                     :   Coffee making.
                     :   Coffee drinking.
 17.30           :   Return back to Chiang rai and drop at hotel.
 Price        :   2peron-4person    ;  2,500/person  
                  :   5person up              2,200/person
 program include,  Transfer, English speaking guide, Lunch,
                                   Soft Drinks.
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                        Sunrise at Phu Chi Fah
                 Available on October - February
Program   One day        
 03.00-03.30      :   Meet at hotel and drive to "Phu Chi Fah" will drive about two                                     and a half hour will be arrive at Phu Chi Fah then we will                                           walk up to view point top of mountain for see sunrise and                                         sea mist, you will see beautiful sunrise in morning there.
 08.00                  :   Breakfast morning with fresh coffee or hot tea.
 09.00                  :   Drive to visit another 2 beautiful mountain call "Phu Chi Dao
      -                         and "Doi Pha Tang" we will walk to visit view point top of           12.00                      mountain and can see beautiful view up there.
 13.00                   :   Lunch at Phu Sang national park and after lunch you can                                          walk to see waterfall, can swim if you want it, after continue                                    drive back to city and drop at hotel.
 Price        :   2peron-4person    ;  2,500/person  
                  :   5person up              2,200/person
 program include,  Transportation, Tickets fees, English speaking                                             guide, Breakfast & Lunch, Soft Drinks.
 Program  Two day One night
Day 1
 9.00           :   Meet at hotel around city, about two and a half hour drive to                                   Phu Chi Fah on the way drive to Phu Chi Fah we will stop for visit                           White temple or Rai Chean Tawan you can choose what place you                          like to visit after will stop again at fresh market for buy food for                              BBQ and for cook dinner, then will have Lunch at Phu Sang                                      national park and after lunch you can walk to see waterfall, can                              swim if you want it, after lunch continue drive to phu chi fah,                                  arrive at phu chi fah then we will get everything ready for                                          overnight and for BBQ.
 16.30          :   Drive to Doi Pha Tang for see sunset and walk up to see view                                   point on top of mountain after return back for dinner and BBQ,                               relaxing
Day 2
 05.30         :   Get ready for see sunrise, then we will drive up to where we can                               parking a car then walk up to top of mountain for see sunrise                                   morning, spend time with beautiful sunrise and sea mist after get                           down for breakfast with tea or coffee 
 09.00          :   Drive to Phu Chi Dao  walk up to top of mountain will see another                           beautiful mountain views there.
 12.00          :    Luch and after continue drive back to chiang rai city and drop                                  you at hotel in city. 
 15.30          :    will be at hotel.
 Price        :   2peron-4person    ;  5,000/person  
                  :   5person up              ;  4,500/person
 program include,  Transportation, English speaking guide, 4 meal,
                                   Soft Drinks, Overnight & BBQ, Tickets fees.
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